In today’s competitive business environment, business success and employee productivity depend largely on an organization’s leadership.

At Abbate Screw, our management team is comprised of experienced professionals with decades of hands-on experience and the entrepreneurial vision to build a company capable of world-class quality while maintaining a highly personal standard of integrity and fairness.

Abbate Screw Products Leadership Team

Larry Abbate
Larry AbbatePresident
Larry Abbate started his career in the family business in 1974 as a material handler and graduated to machinist in the Brown and Sharpe Department. While working, he also attended school to enhance his knowledge of layout engineering and design. Larry worked his way up through the organization and became president of Abbate Screw in 1987. Under his leadership, the company has experienced exponential growth from 6,000 square feet to an 85,000 square foot facility and more than 70 employees.
Lorenzo Abbate
Lorenzo AbbateFounder
Lorenzo Abbate left Italy in 1956 to pursue a better life in the United States. Shortly after his arrival, Lorenzo went to work for Stewart Warner Corp. in an entry level position as a janitor. Bright and ambitious, within a few  short years, he was promoted to set-up man and troubleshooter of the Brown & Sharpe department. Driven for greater success, in 1974 Lorenzo and his brother Tom founded Abbate Screw Products with rented space and 3 machines. Five moves and 40 years later, Abbate Screw has grown into a state-of-the-art manufacturer with 85,000 square feet, 70 employees and more than 170 screw machines. Lorenzo currently serves as a Director and is heavily involved in the day-to-day operations.
Tom Abbate
Tom AbbateFounder
Tom Abbate came from Italy with his family, not understanding a word of English. Attending school in Chicago, he quickly adapted to the language. Taking advantage of the opportunities the United States had to offer,  Tom joined the army and was transferred to Germany where he served the balance of his military career. Upon his return to the US, he began working for Stewart Warner Corporation where he learned about machining and manufacturing.  During that time, Tom attended school, taking many courses linked to business and world economics. In 1974, as Abbate first came into existence, he realized the American Dream – even though attainable – was not easy.  He worked full time building business at Abbate Screw as well as 2nd shift at another company to help make ends meet.  During the first two years, Tom and Lorenzo would physically work all aspects of Abbate Screw with the help of Tom’s wife and other family members.  By 1976, all the hard work had begun to pay off.  They purchased their first facility and grew to 18 employees within two years.  Since then, the company has grown to an 85,000 square foot facility with more than 70 employees.

Our Management Team

 George Pytlik
George Pytlik General Manager
George started his career with Abbate as a part time inspector in 1987. Upon graduating from college, he began a full time position in 1993 as a Quality Engineer. Within two years, he was promoted to Quality Assurance Manager. After three years as Quality Manager, and due to his positive interaction with customers, the Abbate’s realized George had the potential to sell and assigned him the role of Sales Manager in 1998. His thoughtful input for improvements throughout the organization lead to a promotion in 2010 to George’s current position as General Manger.
 Herman Levine
Herman LevineController
Herman Levine started his relationship with Abbate Screw Products as an outside consultant in 1977. Due to his expertise and experience with Abbate, Herman was asked to join our team in 2000 as our Controller. Herman also manages our Human Resources and I.T. Departments. He spearheaded our ISO Registration and serves as our Management Representative.
 Tony Abbate
Tony Abbate Purchasing Manager
Tony Abbate started his career in machining in 1969 as a helper running Brown & Sharpe Automatic Screw Machines. He began with his brothers at the inception of the business in 1974. Tony has worked in all aspects of the company. He now uses his vast knowledge and experience in his current role.
 Paul David
Paul David Engineering Manager
Paul David started his career as an apprentice in 1974 with Stewart Warner Corporation. His hard work and dedication pushed Paul up the ladder through several supervisory positions, finally becoming a General Foreman where he was responsible for 9 Departments and 240 people. Paul gained experience in Heat Treating, Plating, Broaching and Machining. In 1988, Paul joined Abbate Screw Products to develop a new Davenport Department. Due to his hard work and broad knowledge of manufacturing, Paul was promoted to his current position as Process Engineering Manager.
  Vince Abbate
Vince Abbate Quality Engineer
Vince started his career at Abbate Screw Products in 2004, part time as a material handler and shipping clerk.  In 2007, Vince began assisting as a machine operator in the Davenport and CNC Deartments. In 2012, Vince graduated with a degree in Engineering and received a promotion to his current role as Quality Engineer.
 Rick Janowski
Rick Janowski Expediting Manager
Rick started his career at Abbate in 1987 as a Quality Control inspector. Ricks work ethic and drive resulted in a move to an expediting role in 1990, where his responsibilities included moving product between operations. In 1999, Rick was promoted to Manager of the Expediting Department where he now is responsible for all product flow internally and externally.
 Rob Shuttleworth
Rob Shuttleworth Sales/Customer Service
Rob started his career in manufacturing in 1973 as a material handler for a local machining company. He worked his way up through various positions from shipping, secondary manufacturing operations, inventory control, raw material purchasing, to a lead management role. His experience and knowledge of machining made him a perfect candidate for a sales position with Abbate. He joined the company in 2005, and is a valuable asset to Abbate and its customers.
  Keith Nizzi
Keith Nizzi Quality Manager
Keith started his career in manufacturing as a receiving inspector. With an eye for detail, a short time later he was promoted to a mechanical inspector.  In 1989, Keith was promoted to quality manager where he specialized in developing and maintaining quality systems for the automotive and aerospace industries.  In 2010, Keith joined the Abbate team as Quality Manager, utilizing his experience and applying his knowledge to Abbate’s current quality system.
 Steven Abbate
Steven Abbate Purchasing
Steven is one of the newest members of the Abbate team. As a member of the purchasing team his responsibilities include purchasing, tool management and inventory control.